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About your Instructor - Rob Draper,ACS

Rob is an Internationally known Director of Photography with more than 40 years experience in FILM and DIGITAL

  • From small beginnings....

    Rob started in the industry in his native Australia shooting TV news as a one man band at a regional TV station. Working on color reversal stock with VERY limited latitude he quickly mastered an understanding of the tight limitations shooting film for TV.

  • An Innovator....

    Rob started shooting news on 16mm, moved to ENG and and quickly transitioned to 35mm. He was always the leader when it came to new technology and has gained a global reputation as a creative Cinematographer and talented instructor leading workshops and teaching his innovative approach worldwide.

  • On Digital...

    During the late ’90’s Rob led the charge into Hi Definition. Traveling the world with SONY and Panasonic teaching thousands of Cinematographers the application of film techniques to digital. His approach draws on his experience under every lighting condition immaginable.

Also for these, and many more companies

Rob has taught this course to more than 3000 Cinematographers in Europe, USA, India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia.

ART over Technology

You are about to learn how to use all your creativity in a triumph of

This course will approach Cinematography in a way you have not experienced before. The course focuses on the ART of Cinematography not the technology.

It will teach you to discover who you are as an artist and give you the tools to implement your creativity...regardless of project or camera system you are using.

After this course you will walk on set with total confidence. No butterflies in the stomach, no fear of “where do I start”. 

YOU will be in total control of your craft.

“I learned more from Rob in one week than in 4 years of Film School”

Barbara, H (Director of Photography) - NYC, USA

I’ve known Rob for a long time, back in the early ’90s, I worked as the ACLT (best boy electric) on a Mini-series he shot, he was one of the best prepared DPs I’d worked for. If you’re interested in advancing your craft TAKE THIS COURSE

Ron Sill, Chief Lighting Technician. VP Lighting ARRIFLEX

Los Angeles


See what other Cinematographers say

“ .....Rob taught me to look at light like the good painters, and it accompanied me all the way in my professional career. The calmness, the quiet, and the patience, he has allowed me to better understand the profession, which I think is the most important thing to succeed.””

Director of Photography

Alon Grego. Israel

““....The best part was Rob’s explanation of the artistic side and learning how to get a more film like appearance with the new technology."”

Director of Photography

Kari Kylänpäa. Finland

“".....What made this class valuable was, he was current, being a working and practicing cinematographer, his ideas were fresh and realistic."”

Director of Photography

Senthil Nathan. Singapore


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With the knowledge you will gain in this course you will have the tools to elevate your Cinematography to a whole new level.

You will have the ability to scale your art to fit any budget and give even a small lower budget film the look and feel of a major production.

Give every project a Distinctive “look”
Get Innovative techniques to put you at the forefront
Become a CREATOR of powerful imagery.

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